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Marine Rigging

Our clients come from both the cruising and racing sectors. As a result of this we are able to take advantage of lessons learnt from both sectors. In short we are able to exploit the benefits of modern technology developed for the racing industry and apply them to traditional principals in the cruising industry.

Running Rigging

We offer a complete service from rig evaluations (including spars, running and standing rigging), to specification and supply of rigging for custom rigs, full or part re-rigs and rig repairs.

We stock a wide range of conventional and high tech ropes including English Braids, Liros and Maffioli.

We stock cruising and racing quality Dyneema.

We can source most major rope manufacturers at competitive rates for your specific application.

We have a wealth of knowledge in specifying and supplying rope for halyards, sheets, mooring and fender lines, anchor warps etc.

Everything is hand made on site.

We cater for a range of budgets for dinghies, cruising and racing yachts.

Standing Rigging

We offer a complete standing rigging service including rig tuning and evaluations for custom rigs, full or part re-rigs and rig repairs.

We have a wire swaging facility ranging from 2mm to 28mm for the production of shrouds, forestays, backstays, guard rails etc.

We have a Talurit Press for flexible wire work including strops, halyards, pennants and guys etc.

Stainless Steel Wire in 1x19, 7x19 and 7x7 constructions

Mobile swaging machine for onsite rigging jobs across a range of geographical locations

We carry a large stock of Stainless Steel Rigging hardware including, swage terminals, turnbuckles, shackles, ferrules, eye bolts, hooks etc.

Rigging for Traditional and Classic Yachts

At Ocean Rigging, we make use of both traditional and modern techniques when working on classic yachts. By doing this we can meet individual requirements, whether for a restoration, replica or a brand new vessel.

Everything is made specifically to suit your boat, with an emphasis on quality workmanship to give the reliability and finish you need.

Quotations can be provided for repair, replacement or complete re-rigs.